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Middle of downtown

We are at he heart of the old city . The neighborhood is full of historical buildings , stone houses each a few houndered years old and stone  streets which are going to make you feel like it was a time travel .

Shared Kitchen

You can find everything you need in our shared kitchen . Feel free to buy yourself something to eat from the organic grocery markets which are around the Fi Hostel , cook yourself anything you desire . We wouldnt mind joining you if you are a good cook 🙂

Meet New People

Isnt it the whole point of traveling ? Meet new people , share this great enviroment with other travelers from all around the world . Dont be a coy !

We Clean Everyday

Yes we clean everyday and we pay attention at your health but we wouldnt mind you to help us at keeping it clean . Sheets changed daily therefore dont forget to bring your sheets down with you !

Enjoy Events

We love meeting new people and having fun but again we would love to hear your event ideas . Lets make every night of this Hostel another form of entertainment . We believe you will give us amazing event ideas . 

We are Eco-Friendly

We saved this old building from being destroyed then done the  renovation of the building without changing its historical details . We used industrial woods at decoration and using sonar panels to heat the water . We are working hard and improving use of the clean energy everyday for mother earth’s sake .

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Her Yerde Sanat Derneği'ni ağırlamaktan mutluluk duyduk. Çocuklarımızın yüzleri daima gülsün.

We were happy to welcome "the arts association everywhere".

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18. Habib-i Neccar yürüyüş etkinliğimiz
18. Habib-i Neccar walking events

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Kitaplar paylaşıldıkça güzeldir.

The books are beautiful as long as they are shared...

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