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Fi Hostel created in 2016 by a traveler who wants to help other travelers that are going to travel to Antakya.


Antakya has very important historical, spiritual and geographical characteristics. Therefore, Antakya is one of the main destinations of travelers. As Fi Hostel founder, I have traveled more than a thousand cities around the world and I had experiences on the traveler needs. When I came back to my hometown, I faced the lack of staying place for the low income travelers. The main aims of the Fi Hostel both helping the travelers and to address the lack of staying places.

Fi Hostel provides all the information, support and fun needed to make travelers staying unforgettable. A more than one hundred years old building was restored originally with respect to its historical architecture and it is fully furnished suitable to travelers needs. Fi Hostel is located in the best and most traditional-historical neighborhood of Antakya, surrounded by good restaurants, cafes and bars with live music.


Fi Hostel is waiting for all the positive and friendly people who want to visit Antakya!